School Group Packages

Apple package: For $15.00 each, each participant will be able to pick their own bag of apples. This price also includes a cup of cider and an apple cider donut, a tractor-pulled wagon ride for groups of 30 or more, and a visit with our farm animals in a safe and clean environment.

Apple & Pumpkin package: For $18.00 each, this package includes all aspects of the apple package, as well as the participant’s choice of a sugar pumpkin.

There is a minimum of 30 participants in the school group packages. Therefore, prices start from $450, which includes materials and activities for 30 participants in the apple package. Additional participants are charged $15-$18 each, depending on the package chosen. Participants 18 years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult(s). Chaperoning teachers and adults will not be charged if they do not wish to pick. If they wish to purchase fruit or food available at our farm market and bakery, they may do so at a reduced rate. Payments: Reserve your date and time by emailing and confirming with DuBois Farms staff at least two weeks prior to the event. Payment must be made the day of the event by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, business check, or cash.

Note: All tours are self guided.

Please note: It is our policy at DuBois Farms not to allow outside food or drink to be brought onto the property beyond the parking area. The only exceptions to this policy would be for those with special needs (i.e. diabetics, etc.), or if lunches are to be brought by school groups and are pre-approved by DuBois Farms management.